Aute Responses to Exercise Essay

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Body’s Response to Acute Exercise Musculoskeletal response: There is an increase in blood supply as your body is working "overtime”. The blood supply has to increase because it has to go to the parts in your body which you are exercising the most e.g. If you are taking a run, the blood supply will increase because your legs will need more energy, therefore there will be more blood circulating your legs than normal because you are overworking them. Your muscles and all your body organs need more energy and oxygen; this is because your body is working more than usual. Your body needs to do many things such as sweat, which helps you cool down, and to get energy to all of your cells in your body to help you carry on exercising, if your…show more content…
The pulmonary ventilation increases when the body starts to do exercise, this happens because like most of the other responses the muscles need more oxygen, there is also an increase in the removal of carbon dioxide. Long Term Responses Cardiovascular System: The hearts mass and volume increases and cardiac muscle undergoes hypertrophy. It is the left ventricle that adapts to the greatest extent. As well as the chamber size increasing as a result of endurance training. A person’s stroke volume will also increase as an increase in blood plasma and blood volume occur and reduced heart rate which increases the diastolic filling time. This increased filling on the left ventricle increases its elastic recoil thus producing a more forceful contraction. So not only is the heart filled with more blood to eject, it expels a greater percentage of the end-diastolic volume. A persons venous return increases due to the higher cardiac output. Capillarisation occurs. This is the increased amount of capillaries over the muscles which mean more blood flows which will give you more oxygen, and nutrients so you will be able to participate in the exercise longer. There will be more capillaries present so the quicker the oxygen will get to the muscles. A decrease in the persons resting heart rate means they are able to recover quicker after an activity. Arterial walls will become more elastic which allows greater tolerance of

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