Authentic Argument Analysis

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I agree with you if we look at authentic leaders there would be many unanswered questions. It is also impossible to answer all of them seem we all have different personally and many ways of thinking what is authentic for us. And this the perfect answer to your statement “for most people, what comes naturally can also get pretty nasty. When you are overly critical, non-communicative, crass, judgmental, or rigid, you are probably at your most real - but you are not at your best”. Like I said having different personalities and views, creates lot of conflicts as the one been “authentic” might show many bad behaviors because his disagreement with others, he or she would never understand why his or her approach is being criticized when all they are doing is been…show more content…
On the other hand, the one dealing with the “authentic leader” would feel that the leader is wrong his or her behavior is shown as some the thing you mentioned such as critical, non-communicative, crass, judgmental, or
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