Authentic Assessment Of A Natural Environment ( Caregiver, Home Or School )

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Introduction Two scholarly articles were analyzed and synthesized to facilitate this writer with an understanding of authentic assessment. Scenarios and examples were provided as evidence on the impact and importance of authentic assessment in a natural environment (caregiver, home or school). Both articles revealed the authors’ purpose and perspective that authentic assessment provides a representation of students’ strengths and weakness along with opportunities for them to associate and link this learning to life experiences. Similarities and Contrast Bergen (1993) and Dennis, Rueter, & Simpson (2013) both shared similarities that authentic assessment is performance based, and addresses how it relates to their belief that it provides…show more content…
The contribution of every member was important and a complexity of different roles existed within the group. Also, it was a "real" event in which our performance counted. (p.100) At this point, Bergen presented an opportunity where a child could be appraised while unveiling multiple competencies, thus sanctioning additional opportunities to exhibit mastery. Bergen (1993) states, “because authentic assessment is complex and requires more time...teachers may feel that they cannot practically accomplish these activities” (101). In contrast, Dennis, Rueter, & Simpson (2013) validate authentic assessment with a case-study of a child transitioning from Early Childhood Intervention Services into public school. This exemplifies the intricacies required for progress monitoring by using methods of authentic assessments i.e. interviews, observations (running records, anecdotal records, ABC Analysis) portfolios and a performance-based assessment to confirm that this process not only identifies delays, but “...provide a basis from which the teacher can design a targeted strategy for a child or group of children” (p.191). As a result, a plan was developed to help the case-study learner transition into his/her new setting. Reliability and Accuracy Applicability of Cited Sources Bergen
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