Authentic Blue Meaning

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During their teen years, Authentic Blue s are often drawn to creative activities such as drama, the arts and writing for the newspaper. They can be unconventional in their behavior and their dress. They may have a deep need for privacy, using their time to sort out the meaning of life.
As adults Authentic Blue s are warm and caring for those around them with the emphasis more on the development of others rather than their physical needs. Their intuitive sense is very strong. They have the knack of knowing what motivates another person. Authentic Blue s can excel at diplomacy and use this intuition to their advantage.
Another core need is to be empathic to those around them. Often Authentic Blue s end up in work that involves counseling, teaching, and psychology. Even if they are working as an accountant, Authentic Blue s bring that element of human compassion that belies the more usual bottom line approach to the job.
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What is the meaning of life and what is their part in the grand scheme of things is a lifelong quest for Authentic Blues.? They strive all their lives to “become.” Some even become workshop groupies, believing they have found the Holy Grail, which is until the next new exciting idea comes along.
As lovers and spouses, Authentic Blue s are very caring and considerate. They are usually more aware of their partners' needs and will do everything they can to satisfy those needs. They are more likely to suffer in silence if they cannot get their partners to understand what the problem is between them. Above all, they want a harmonious relationship. They will put up with a great deal before admitting a relationship has ended. Authentic Blue s are often attracted to Greens particularly for their intellectual approach to life. Even Authentic Blue s have to learn to appreciate the differences of
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