Authentic Happiness And The Compassionate Love Scale

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Recently we assigned to take two questionnaires from the book authentic happiness. The first one being the Compassionate Love Scale which is a test that measures your tendency to support, help, and understand other people when they are in need. It rates you on a scale from 1-7 with one being not compassionate about others to seven being extremely compassionate about others. On this questionnaire the results came out that nearly a complete seven on the Compassionate Love Scale I got a 6.67. The graph given in the results to in the factors or internet user, gender age group occupation, education and zip code. In which I almost scored in the one hundred percentile in each category.

The second, was the Close Relationships
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The results of these questionnaires were not much of a surprise to me. I fell as though the topics covered in the questionnaires are things I understand about myself pretty well. So it was no surprise to me when it came out in the results that I was a compassionate person towards others. Because that’s is the way I have been my whole life. I was not a surprise either when it came out in the results of the close relationship questionnaire that I was secure in my close relationships. I have always felt that people around me are genuine. It seem as if I am just naturally attracted towards genuine people and that is who I allow to get close to me.

As for friendships and relationships I have always been the type of friends to put my people first. With my friends I tend to be the one that will drop whatever I am doing if they say that they need me. I always try to find the time for my friends to be there for them. Because it was a time when they did the same for me. Also, growing up the way I did I saw a lot of people that had to endure tough situations alone. Which is probably why I have a tendency to want to help other because I do not want them to have that feeling of loneliness. In my community and family it was always preached to us as young kids to always care for those around you because you never know you might need them one day. This was instilled in me over and over as a young kid. It made me

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