Authentic Leadership : Leadership Theory And The Work Of Bass And Steildmeier

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Authentic Leadership Similar to servant leadership, authentic leadership has developed from questionable business practices and general societal fear and uncertainty in times of peril (Northouse, 2016). One of the newer areas of leadership, authentic leadership has risen from the search for honest, trustworthy, and positive leadership approaches (Northouse, 2016; Nyberg & Sveniningsson, 2014). According to Northouse (2016), the concept of authentic leadership originates from transformational leadership theory and the work of Bass (1990) and Bass and Steildmeier (1997) on authentic transformational leadership. Desires to be genuine, “true to oneself” or “real” are generally not new, however, research on authentic leadership in terms of…show more content…
In addition, it is implied that authentic leadership operates under the general assumption that being true to one’s self equates to encompassing high moral values that are inherently “good” (Northouse, 2016; Nyberg & Sveniningsson, 2014). Gardiner’s (2011) examination if Heidegger’s (1967) early work explains that people largely lead inauthentic lives, and that it is only possible to be authentic in moments of anxiety when we answer the call of our conscience. According to Gardiner (2011), recognition and acceptance of personal guilt allows one to take up an authentic stance and become consistent with their own beliefs.
As one of the more contemporary frameworks, examination of authentic leadership remains in the early stages of development. The Authentic Leadership Questionnaire (ALQ) provides a tool for further research; however, challenges to whether authentic leadership is sufficient in producing positive outcomes arise when examining whether behaviors of authentic leaders supersede other critical leadership skills. Researchers may choose to combine authentic leadership with related theories to explore how authentic leadership influences follower behaviors and outcomes (Walumbwa et al., 2008).
We now understand servant and authentic leadership share many similarities as

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