Authentic Leadership

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1. Learning about oneself is an essential step in becoming an authentic leader. What role did self-awareness play in Sally’s story of leadership?
Throughout her journey, Sally’s self-awareness made her into an authentic leader she is. Self-awareness is having a personal insight of one’s self, and as Sally was being aware of her strength and weaknesses; she understood herself and what she clearly wanted. She was able to grasp her traits and characteristic, both her assets and flaws to her advantage. Sally also concentrated on her values, emotions, goals, motives and who she really was deep inside. And as she did so, she was able to
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He was able to witness and experience the love and care that the villagers were providing him even though he was just a mere stranger plus a foreigner in the land. This incident became the starting point of the force that driven his leadership, it was the need in his heart to be able to give back to the village that once helped him when he was left exhausted, weak and disoriented. From then, he was able to discover more about the differences of their culture in contrast to the culture that the Americans were brought up. And as he observed and learn more about the Korphe village in general, he became more engrossed and attached to it. These forces were able to drive the once lacking-in-commitment man he was to a man behind 78 schools (by 2008) in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Greg exhibited the fifth characteristic of an authentic leader, which is having the passion about one’s mission. Everything that Greg did was an act from his heart and not to satisfy any selfish ambitions. He simply started by offering his expertise as a nurse to the village after recovering from the exhaustion of being lost. He then promised to come back and build a school for the people of Korphe, after learning that they couldn’t afford a decent education. Greg began asking for donations and even reached to a point of donating everything he owned. But after all the effort and passion that
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