Authentic and Transparent Management

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My topic is: What are the advantages and disadvantages of "Authentic and Transparent Management" to your organization? Descriptor: A relatively recent trend is the move towards a form of authentic and transparent management where what managers do is clear for all to see in terms of decision making especially and authentic (as opposed to artificial)
The virtual business that I choose is one where clients can buy cell phones online. I choose this business since I notice how competitive cell phones have become and how many of the markets comparatively few have become almost a monopoly. A person, who loses or damages her cellphone during the year, has a difficult time replacing it. An online business may prevent some of these problems, providing customers with a more tenable and optimistic alternative to more cheaply and rapidly replacing their phone.
Managing such a business can, however, be tricky and rocky. I, therefore, conducted research in other mobile businesses and looked into methods that helped them.
One of the contemporary management issues that seemed to me to be particularly productive, perhaps particularly so in a virtual atmosphere, is something called "authentic and Transparent Management" where authoritarian and detached leadership is replaced by a more democratic style.
"Authentic and Transparent Management" is a relative recent fad. What this entails is that management explains reasons of their moves and decision to employees and involves employees and
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