Authentication Essay

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I. INTRODUCTION Authentication is the only method which protects information or data of an individual or organization from a second party to access. Based upon the confidentiality of that particular data or information, the level of authentication depends. Now-a-days, all this data and information what we are talking about is getting digitized all around the world. For this digitized data or information to be secure, a proper authentication procedure must be set. This arise the need for an authentication secret which belongs to the category “Something we know” to come into picture. These secrets authenticate each secret holder as the authorized legitimate user to access their particular account. Technology is…show more content…
So, to convert location address into longitude and latitude coordinates, there is a number of ways to accomplish this. You may have a GPS device which shows you these coordinates, and you could just take a reading from the GPS while at the address and note down the coordinates. There are also a number of software packages out there which provide this conversion, but you don’t particularly need to buy one of those geocoders unless you need to geocode a large number of addresses. (Digital Maps API also provides geocoding of this sort, although it may not be as user-friendly to those unfamiliar with programming, and the service limits you to a certain number of requests per time period.) About Mnemonics: Mnemonic devices are useful memory aids that can be applied to many different aspects of daily life. There are always certain tidbits of information that people just can’t seem to remember in the form they are presented. People rely on mnemonics when they create some association between that information they wish to remember and other concepts that they already know, or find easier to remember. The use of mnemonics has also been shown to be of significant value in the field of education. Manalo has shown that instruction using a specific type of mnemonics known as “process mnemonics” produced improvements of mathematical ability in students classified as learning disabled [3].Process mnemonics are used
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