Authentication Of Critical Data Using Image Processing

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AUTHENTICATION OF CRITICAL DATA USING IMAGE PROCESSING CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LOS ANGELES LAKSHMI SUNDARARAJAN TABLE OF CONTENTS S NO TITLE 1 SYNOPSIS 2 SYSTEM CONFIGURATION 3 EXISTING METHODOLOGY 4 PROPOSED METHODOLOGY 5 CONCLUSION 6 REFERENCES SYNOPSIS The main goal of using the Image encryption is to avoid drawing attention to the transmission of hidden information. Storing the critical data in its original format is subjective to many risks. The embedding algorithm is used to embed the secret information in the image selected. Hashing is used to secure the sensitive information. The project is about how to save the critical image and password using image encryption and steganography. Initially the user selects an image and enters the password. The image is now converted into binary code.The password will be embedded into each pixel of the RGB image (24bits).The binary code is then encrypted using the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-512).The hexadecimal hash output of the stage is then passed as input to the Salted Password Hashing. The final output is stored. On the validation side, the user selects an image from the list of images and enters the password. The same process as earlier is repeated wherein consecutive encryption is done using SHA-512 and Salted password Hashing algorithm. The output value from both the
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