Authenticity Within Hospitality Industry

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Authenticity in the Hospitality Industry


Due to globalization and a world increasingly filled with deliberately stage experiences within the hospitality industry, consumers crave for authenticity. Instead of making the employees as cast members or puppets, the organization must identify what makes it authentic by finding the deeper meaning of the organization’s DNA and involving their staff members through-out the process, frontline staff in particular.

Zaina Ibrahim BA of International Hospitality Management University College of Northern Denmark

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Introduction 1.1 Problem statement and formulation 1.2 Authenticity within hospitality industry 2 2-3

2 Theory of science and methodology 3.1 Social
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The hotel has to address the question: “What is the deeper meaning of our existence, what is our DNA that makes us stand out from the others looking beyond profitable goals? (Senge, 2010) If a hotel fails to work with these questions in cooperation with the employees it might lead to fakeness or a mismatch between what the hotel portrays to provide and what the front liners actually provide in their actions. The hypothesis of this synopsis is that in order for a hotel to provide sustainable authentic experiences, hoteliers within the hotel need to have mutual understandings of the hotels authenticity or DNA. This is the foundation for being able to provide authentic products and services. This leads to the investigation of:

How do hoteliers from different departments of a hotel conceptualize “authenticity”? What are the connections between these conceptualizations and the way the hotel provide authentic experiences in practice?

It is important to underline that this synopsis mainly focuses on the first part of the problem formulation – “How do hoteliers conceptualize “authenticity”. The second part of the problem formulation can only be answered after analyse the empirical data regarding the first question.

Zaina Ibrahim /International Hospitality Management (2012)

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Theory of Science

Social Constructionism The scientific foundation of this synopsis is based on social constructionism. It is with the
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