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What does it mean to question the authenticity and originality of a religious scripture? Is it a life changing question? Yes, it absolutely can be a life changing curiosity leading to a long journey of research. As it was the case for Bart D. Ehrman. Ehram a less devout episcopal Christian who converted to evangelical Christianity, in an essence, re-embraced the religion at a young age and started studying Christianity. His education started off at Moody Bible Institute and the Wheaton College and later received his PhD in New Testament studies. During his studies, Ehram developed a particular interest about infallibility and inerrancy of the Christian scripture. In a quest of finding answers for his questions about Scripture he wrote a book Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why. The main thesis of the book reads “The book is about ancient manuscripts of the New Testament and the differences found in them, about scribes who copied scripture and sometimes changed it. This may not seem to be very promising as a key to one's own autobiography, but there it is. One has little control over such things” . The book is a very readable, accurate condensation of many of the most important facts about the nature and history of textual criticism. A critical review of the book demonstrates that Ehram almost absolutely proves the thesis statement of the book.
Ehram has written the book in a plain language for an audience with no prior knowledge of the history

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