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“…When you have the chance to move to China in 1995, jump at this. It will be an inflection point in your life you will not forget.” Kronick, CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations, Asia Pacific, the leading public relations consultancy in Asia, has lived in China for nearly two decades, during which he’s experienced tremendous social, economic and personal change. The Lighter Side of China, while diminutive in weight, is more than an autobiography or travelogue, it’s Kronick’s professionally refined “CliffsNotes” on how to survive 20 years as a foreigner in modern China. They key to it all, to happiness in business and at home, Kronick explains, is to continuously “seek to understand.”

Organized into 25 short essays, Kronick’s book uses humor and an ever-positive outlook to explain life as both a laowai (foreign friend) and rare insider into Chinese culture, “I was a cultural klutz and the more mistakes I made the more people laughed and I began to think that I was a tad funny. It is that humor that I credit as the stimulant that has deepened my love for the experiences I have had in this country…” In a brutally honest chapter titled Toilet Tales, Kronick recounts his anxiety and embarrassment at having to use “squatty-pottys” –and it wasn’t about being fussy. Knee surgery in college made it extremely difficult for…

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