Author of A Rose for Emily, William Faulkner's Nobel Prize Essay

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All I have to say about A Rose for Emily is that she was a crazy person! Faulkner is a really worthy and famous writer that has a lot to say in his writings and I think that he accomplishes that when he writes. “On December 10, he delivered his acceptance speech to the academy in a voice so low and rapid that few could make out what he was saying, but when his words were published in the newspaper the following day, it was recognized for its brilliance; in later years, Faulkner’s speech would be lauded as the best speech ever given at a Nobel ceremony.” (Padgett) When William Faulkner gave his Nobel Acceptance Speech he had a quote in there and I think that he helped man endure by lifting his heart in A Rose for Emily, he also shows how you can have courage, honor, hope, pride and compassion throughout this story and how you can use all of your emotions in one situation, and pity and sacrifice which have been the glory of the past.
William Faulkner said some uplifting words in his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech that connected in one of this other famous stories A Rose for Emily he said something along the lines of a writer’s duty is to help man endure by lifting his heart. This is represented in A Rose for Emily by the fact that when everyone in Emily’s life walked out or left her she didn’t really show how she went nuts. He represented the killing of her then boyfriend as an act that helped her get over all of the traumatic things that happened during her lifetime. “As…