Authoritative Parenting Setting The Limit

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Lorena Gonzalez
English 113
Professor Wittlake
8 March 2015
Authoritative Parenting Setting the Limit While walking down the grocery aisle looking for a can of tomato soup, you hear a loud cry. It interrupted the peace and look to see where it came from. You suddenly see that it came from a young boy. He’s tugging on his mother’s shirt and crying out loud. The mother to calm him down, puts the item in the shopping cart, so the boy would stop crying. Was that a clever move done by the mother? Parenting is not easy. You can either raise a child right or wrong. Parenting is stressful and puts a lot on people’s plate because it is a huge responsibility. Having different parenting styles provides variety for the world. Even though there are many parenting styles, which one is the best and the worst? It’s important because people will learn how to become a good parent and also see the effects the children will have later on in the world. Good parenting requires the parent to teach and discipline their kids and the one closest to the best is authoritative parenting. Authoritative parenting is one of the best styles of parenting because it provides discipline and education and is not forceful on the children. How many different parenting styles are there? There are four major parenting styles but there are many sub major styles. What is the difference between all the four major parenting styles? The four parenting styles are authoritative, permissive, uninvolved, and…
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