Authority And Structure At A Young Age

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Regardless of the viewpoints that we have toward law enforcement, this profession emulates the values, principals, and structure that God wants for us in our lives. Without this profession, society could not survive as needed for continued growth and prosperity. Law enforcement over the years has retained a general purpose of protecting and serving the public. While preforming this general purpose to the public, law enforcement reflects the values of God. Even though there can be numerous relations between godly values and law enforcement, today I will reflect only on what I believe are the three most directly connected (1) Authority and Structure (2) Self-Control (3) Discipline.
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Regardless if we like the authority, God does not allow us to disobey. God never says that we must like or agree with what the authority says, only be submissive to it. ( He even goes further than that and asks us to have confidence in our government and authority figures. Just like a servant submits to his master, the better the servant works, better treatment the servants gets because of the satisfaction of the master. Simply, God knows what is best for us, and if we listen to his instruction and follow his rules, we will be rewarded. Submission to authority takes an amount of self-restraint and self-control, we have to humble ourselves to others that have been set above us.
Self-Control is needed to live a fulfilled life as Christ wants to bless us fully. Law Enforcement takes an extreme amount of self-control at times when dealing with situations. Not all citizens submit to authority, not all citizens show self-restraint. During my time as a law enforcement officer, I have dealt with a variety of criminals, victims and public. Over time situations arose that forced me to show restraint. In May of 1992, officers lost self-control, this loss of self-control led to violent and deadly riots in Los Angeles ( This event can be evidence and proof of Proverbs 25:28 (NIV) “like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control.” Chaos always results in negative implications for society. Without

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