Authority and Followership

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The most significant change is in how people see authority and how they see value in that authority. In other words, the question becomes how people determine which people are given authority and which are followed based on the values those people have and the value ascribed to those people by others (Samier, 2005). There is a value to being in authority and being followed by others, of course, but there is a responsibility that comes with that. Early in Western history, people simply had to follow whoever was in charge if they wanted to survive. They also often followed religious leaders (Kahn & Kram, 1994). As times changed, though, religious leaders were not followed as zealously by the masses. Instead, a new breed of authority figure emerged, and people began following those who were making money in business. Now there are more businessmen with authority and followership, and the internet has made part of that possible (Samier, 2005). It is relatively easy to get frequent updates (some in real time) from people whom one admires, as long as that person has some "clout" from a societal standpoint. He or she may not be an authority, but that person still has a followership because he or she has something to say that is judged to have value by a significant number of people (Samier, 2005).…
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