Author's Speech: Oimony 1965 – Bellefontaine Middle School

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Hungary - Author's Speech

OMUN 2017 – Bellefontaine Middle School

It didn't have to be this way. Not long ago, I was a normal twelve-year-old girl: going to school, playing sports, and eating dinner with my family. However, one day everything changed. It was spring and I assumed it was just allergies. Week by week, my symptoms got worse and worse, until I began coughing blood. I was taken to the hospital to get my lungs examined. The tests came back and showed I had stage three lung cancer due to air pollution. We found out too late; treatment can only keep me here longer, not save my life. Cancer is spreading throughout my body and day by day will slowly kill me until there's nothing left . Now I'm just waiting. If pollution didn’t
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