Autism : A Case Study

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Autism: A Case Study
Natasha Perry-Wilkerson
Liberty University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for PSYC 345 Exceptional Child, taught by Professor Ed Dawson.
Autism is categorized by deficits in maintaining social relationships and difficulty communicating. The number of children being diagnosed with autism is steadily increasing. Therefore the need incorporate effective interventions that focus on the development of the individual child has become an imperative component for their success. The key for children with Autism to achieve academic and social success depends upon the collaborative effort that is shared among all parties involved: family, teachers, peers; mental health professionals and the community.

Autism: A Case Study
To understand the etiology of Autism one must understand that Autism belongs to a group of developmental disabilities that have been identified as Autism Spectrum Disorders. The name "spectrum” indicates that the disorder is broad and it affects each individual differently. Autism Spectrum Disorder commonly referred to as (ASD) encompass delays in the development of many basic skills. These delays in development include but are not limited to: limited or inability to properly socialize or establish relationships with others, effective communication skills, restricted interests and repetitive behaviors. Individuals with Autism may also have (ID) intellectual disabilities,
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