Autism And The Development Of The Mind

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Autism and the Development of the Mind
Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder characterized by inabilities to understand social skills, communication difficulties, self-stimulatory behaviors and other variations in strengths and weaknesses (Scheeren et al., 2013). Children with autism are more inclined to lack emotional regulation, resorting to limited social understanding (Joseph et al., 2004). This restricts their ability to impute beliefs of others and themselves. Theory of mind is said to be absent for children with Autism ( ).
The Centers for Disease Control, reports an increase of 23 percent since 2009, in autism diagnosis. One in 88 children have a being diagnosed with Autism. within the past decade the
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Cognitive or developmental impairment may be assumed if theory of mind is absent (Scheeren et al., 2013).

Albert Bandura (1977), the originator of social learning theory, focused his research on the process of how people learn through observation. Social Learning stems from a cognitive and behavioral theory model. This is demonstrated through the well-known Bobo Doll experiment. The experiment entailed a child observing an adult being aggressive towards the Bobo Doll (Pavlov et al., 1961). The results indicated that children imitated the observed behaviors of being aggressive towards the doll (Pavlov et al., 1961).

According to Scheeren et al., (2013), children with Autism, lack a theory of mind. Which disables them to attribute beliefs or behaviors of others. According to Joseph and Tager-Flusberg (2004), neurocognitive impairments and executive functions in theory of mind, have both been hypothesized to play a causal role in autism. Children’s theory of mind begins to develop during the preschool age, making it vital to understand beliefs, mental representation, or general representation (Carlson & Moses, 2001).

Future Directions
Theory of mind in children with Autism concerns the ability to understand conceptions of others and their action. Research on theory of mind addresses theoretically complex questions of human action while exploring theory of mind based on social cues and is this in part of one’s neuropsychological?

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