Autism And The Family Of A Child With Autism

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Autism is a disorder that can wreck havoc in the lives of many, and all it takes is one diagnosis. Most families never expect autism to occur in their family. But once it does, the family will never imagine the effect it will have. The family of a child with autism “[is] faced with intolerable mental, economic, and social pressure” (Mosayebi 4). Could a child with autism have a substantial enough effect on the family to cause separation and divorce of their parents?
Although autism is a common disorder, many people are under educated. Autism is a shorter term for autism spectrum disorder or ASD. Both are “general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development” (What). ASD can involve many brain development issues, including “intellectual disability, difficulties with motor coordination and attention and physical health issues” (What). Individuals afflicted by autism can have a range of development problems from mild to severe. Unlike some other conditions, no two cases of autism spectrum disorder are the same.
Just as there is no duplicate case of autism, there is no one cause. Alternatively, there is a list of causes. Some of the most common include genetic mutation and predisposition as well as environmental factors. Some research shows that women can reduce the chance of their children being autistic by increasing folic acid intake before and following conception. Other research shows that “advanced paternal age can affect the child’s risk” of being
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