Autism Case Interview

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During my interview I was thrilled at the services she received and how far she has come. At the age 4, Jane had shown many red flags and needed to be evaluated. Jane’s teacher thought it would be beneficial to her. Jane was evaluated in her private pre-school in Wilton. After being evaluated Jane was diagnosis with high-functioning Autism Asperger’s syndrome. High functioning Autism Asperger’s syndrome is a brain disorder, in which communication and interaction with others are difficult. High functioning Autism (HFA) is at one end of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), these symptoms are less severe than other forms of Autism. Some may have language delay, in this case Jane did also. When Jane turned 5 she was eligible for special education services provided from the Wilton Public…show more content…
Although, it’s safe to say that she has learned so much within the last year. She participates in everything that’s included in her IEP. Most of the objectives the school has come up with them, to help increase her social skills. The most difficult part was her being a regular child, also not having that social aspect of being around children without special needs. Jane is on a limited diet, she only likes certain things for example, and she likes fruits and vegetables. Mom is also a part of many support groups that advocate for children with special needs. For example, Nami (National Alliance on Mental Health) also Stamford Hospital and Positive Parenting classes at the YMCA in Wilton. Jane is a part of many programs that help with special needs children. She gets Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Pathologist, After School Programs and Lunch brunch with a psychologist which they monitor her social skills. Jane is a member of the YMCA, which made a huge impact on her social skills and interacting with other children her
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