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Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay What is ASD? The term Autistic Spectrum Disorder covers a wide range of conditions, including autism and Asperger syndrome that are characterized by impaired social interaction, communication difficulties and restricted, stereotypical and repetitive activities and interests. Autistic spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that is usually diagnosed in childhood. Children and adults with this condition have a wide range of intelligence. Some have learning disabilities, while others have normal or above average intelligence and intellectual capacity. Those in the latter groups are described as having high functioning autism. The causes of autistic spectrum disorder are not clearly und3rstood but…show more content…
Their intense interest in something else may hamper their ability to talk to others or to engage in other activities. Adults with autistic spectrum disorder may develop mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviour, tics etc. In some individual symptoms of anxiety may lead to additional problems in carrying out daily living tasks, communicating and engaging in social interactions. Therapies for ASD There is currently no cure for autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). However, a range of specialist education and behavioural programmes (often referred to as interventions) can be effective in improving the skills of children with ASD. There are many different types of intervention for ASD, so it is often hard to judge which one will work best. Some types of intervention can involve hours of intensive work, and this is not always possible for many families because of the practical, emotional and financial commitments necessary. Communication skills – such as the ability to start conversations Social interaction skills – such as the ability to understand other people's feelings and respond to them Cognitive skills – such as encouraging imaginative play Academic skills – the "traditional" skills that a child needs to progress with their education, such as reading, writing and maths Medication No medication is available to treat the core symptoms of ASD, but medication may

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