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Autism In the United States, autism may affect up to 115,000 children between one and 15 years of age with an uncertain prevalence in adults (Rapin, 1998). Because of the high number of cases in the United States alone, testing has grown and encompasses many different ages and areas of autistic patients and their symptoms. Because of increased testing, researchers have found different options to meet the challenges autism presents. Testing has been administered before the knowledge of autism in the patient and throughout the knowledge of its existence as well. Testing has also been administered to control the chemical aspects of autism in patients of all ages. Therapists have gone so far as to believe that a hands off…show more content…
What he discovered from his testing was that autistic infants showed abnormalities in these movements. For instance, normal babies use a corkscrew motion to go from back to stomach or vice versa. However, autistic babies either didn’t learn to roll over or did in a peculiar fashion. They would roll to their stomach or back by raising their head or pelvis and then throw the upper legs forward and topple over, moving all body segments together. Unlike healthy babies, autistic babies would lose balance easily from a sitting position and would fail to break their falls with their hands. Also during the testing Dr. Teitelbaum discovered that autistic babies showed an asymmetrical lack of support in the arms or legs and when they crawled supported themselves on their forearms rather than on their hands. One baby crawled by scooting his left knee on the floor but used his right foot to push himself forward. What Dr. Teitelbaum and his colleagues found is the beginning of what has long been a goal of autism researchers, early diagnosis. From this beginning, others will be able to expand testing to encompass more specific areas of autistic development at an early age. However, until this is done, tests have been conducted to help screen toddlers who are potentially autistic. The CHAT (Checklist for Autism in Toddlers) is performed by general practitioners or health visitors during the 18 month developmental check-up. It

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