Autism In Classroom

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AS educators we have to select and employ instructional strategies for each student as an individual. Autism is a disability like snowflakes, no two are ever exactly the same. As an educator, I think there is a mini checklist that every teacher must make periodically and anytime a new student OR STAFF enters the room. 1. Classroom management is vital and important for any classroom, specifically for rooms with autism population. These students thrive on a well-managed room. 2. Students need to help build the classroom rules and then need to be simple, and clear! Black and white, no gray! Think of it as the 10 commandments of our classroom, never have more than ten and there are clear rules and clear consequences. 3. Add in individual needs of each student, what if a student can’t handle noise? How can you…show more content…
Every child starts on green for ready to work, a warning earns yellow, then orange, then red. Red is a call or email to the parent. The student can also move forward to blue for great behavior, purple, pink for rock star and earn a sticker on the schedule. The school uses the code over the entire day, but in our room, a student could get green for morning work, then struggle at calendar and get orange (schedule is documented and a small interaction to discuss as needed per student), but will go back to green for lunch because maybe the outburst or moment is over and they can finish the day on task. We also deal a lot with music, I enjoy playing the faintest music in the background and incorporating it in the day as possible. I find so many students struggle with noise and noise is such a non-controllable portion of society. I can teach a student to grocery shop but if cant shop with music in the background or a price checker makes him have a meltdown, have I taught him? These are fun ways to add individual steps for each
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