Autism In Toddlers

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Throughout the study and examination of the disease, Autism, I came to the conclusion that the older the ones diagnosed with it get, the harder it is for them to live their lives alone. The research and treatments available range from all ages, but there is more focus and support for those of a younger age. The treatment available provides medication and therapeutic support. Together or individually, individuals can benefit from them. However, once these individuals reach 21-22, they no longer receive support and care as they leave the aid they had grown up with.

Autism was first described in 1887, by Doctor John Langdon Down. He titled it as Down Syndrome, but his description today would be classified as Autism. The word Autism was first used to identify the illness, in 1911, by Eugene Minkowski. Autism is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders,
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“Often, parents first start to see symptoms or unusual behaviors in their child at a young age” (Nelson). There is a list of informative questions that parents can answer that can indicate whether he or she should be further evaluated by a specialist. This test is the Modified Checklist of Autism in Toddlers, also known as the M-CHAT. Occasionally Autism can be diagnosed later in one’s life, often in relation to difficulties with learning, or with social and emotional cases. Just like with young children, diagnosis of older patients involves personal observations and interviews from trained specialists. Many times, diagnosis brings a sort of relief to those who have struggled with many difficulties throughout life and are finally given an answer. Diagnosis opens the doors to access to therapy, and assistive technologies that can improve their function in the areas of difficulty and improve their overall quality of
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