Autism Is A Developmental Disability That Presents At An Early Age

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Elan Fenderson
ESP 607
Test Battery-Autism

Autism is a developmental disability that presents at an early age (typically under the age of three years) that can affect a child’s educational performance. Child and adults can have deficiencies in communication, social skills, and using language. People with autism tend to engage in motor/vocal stereotypy. The spectrum for autism has a wide range from mild to severe. To determine where a child falls on the spectrum many assessments can be administered.
If a child is believed to be on the spectrum, a CARS2 assessment may be issued. The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (Second Edition) helps distinguish children that have autism from those who are developmentally handicapped. It also allows you
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The first two subtest address fifteen items. The Standard and High functioning forms have overlapping sections. Items addressed in both assessments are relating to people, body use, visual response, taste smell, and touch response and use, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, level and consistency of intellectual response and general impressions. Imitation, emotional response, object use, adaptation to change fear or nervousness, and activity level is focused on solely in the Standard form subtest. For the High functioning form Social-emotional understanding, emotional expression and regulation of emotions, adaption to change/restricted interest, fear of anxiety, and thinking cognitive integration skills are the main emphasis.
The administrator will rate each item using a four-point response scale. The rating is based on not only a child’s response but also their behavior during their session. An administrated also takes into consideration student’s intensity, peculiarity, and duration of a answer. The CARS2 assessment is a good place to start when a child is believed to have autism spectrum disorder.
The Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) is a criterion-referenced assessment for child with autism that demonstrates language delays. It analyzes verbal behavior and developmental milestones. There are five components of the VB-MAPP. These components provide baseline performance, a direction for intervention, a
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