Autism Is A Disorder That Affects About 1-88 Children

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Rikki Correll

BIOS 204: Section 2

Associate Professor Paula Burch

November 20, 2015

Autism “Autism is a disorder that affects about 1-88 children. It has an effect on the person, the family, and society. Autism has become a huge part in fundraising and most people heard about autism awareness, but do most people know what autism is and what causes it? “Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is defined by dysfunction of social interaction, communication and stereotypical behavior and sensory integration problems. It is a neuro-developmental disease, which is the result of a homeostatic imbalance in the body, such as an altered Neuro -homeostasis (Breitenkamp, A. S.,
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People with autism tend to find ways to self-stimulate their emotions to calm them down such as tapping, swaying, and even stare blankly into space. With that being said, someone with autism who doesn’t have to ability to determine different perspectives simultaneously, can easily have their own emotion become entangled with the emotions of others. There are different ways that physiologist can help to trigger this imbalance is by having the group of children play games together and practice taking turns so each child is having fun and so the children understand that everything doesn’t just revolve around their own emotions. Another way that would be helpful is to help the child understand certain scenarios where a person may feel happy or sad and how our actions can make someone else feel. (Smith, A. 2009).” “Scientists have linked autism to a mutation in genes that alter DNA. Most of the genes identified in a study done by researchers from 37 different institutions and also Joseph D. Buxbaumfall, were put into three main categories. Some genes are involved in synaptic function which is how nerve cells in the brain communicate with the gaps and synapses. Transcription is also a category which is the process which DNA makes proteins. The last category was how genes remodel chromatin, which is DNA that’s packed
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