Autism Is A Matter Of Passionate National Debate

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• In the past two decades or so, autism has changed from being a condition nobody had even heard about to widely recognized mental health condition. Due to widespread use of internet, social media and smartphones everybody knows something about autism. Just searching for autism in Google brings up more than 68 million results. Autism has become a matter of passionate national debate among different stake holders such as government, public health agencies, mental health associations, non-profit organizations, parents of autistic people and public in general. After the Affordable Care Act was signed into a law in 2010, there has been a renewed interest in autism with different groups wanting to include mandatory coverage for autism in the health insurance plans. The Affordable Care Act provides health care services to more Americans and access to preventive services at no additional cost which includes screening for autism for children at ages 18 and 24 months. After the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies/plans cannot limit or deny coverage to anyone due to any pre-existing health conditions. 1
• The children suffering from autism and their families have to go through a very difficult and exhaustive process of diagnosis and long term management of autism spectrum disorder. From the time of initial screening to diagnosis and treatment in the form pharmacotherapy or psychotherapy, they have considerably high financial burden to bear. There is a…
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