Autism Is A Misunderstood Perception Of Individuals That Carry Autism

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ociety often has a misunderstood perception of individuals that carry autism. People infer that these autistic individuals are ignorant or sometimes even refer to them as retarded, they treat them as if they’re completely oblivious to what is actually going on around them, and they put these individuals at a lower ranking than ourselves. People that have this disorder are often mocked or called names. The world looks at them as ignorant, incapable vegetables, when in reality, they’re actually geniuses and masterminds. Autism does not make people that carry it stupid or even retarded, it doesn’t deprive them of intelligence, and it doesn’t make them any dumber than you and I. Carriers of autism usually only lack in their social skills rather than their intellectual skills. Autism is a severe disorder that hinders carriers of it to be able to communicate and socially interact with others
In researching the history of autism, I have found many interesting things that I’ve never heard or read about before. Studies say that the disorder is very rare, and it only occurs in four to five of every 10,000 births. Autism affects three to four times as many boys as girls. According to the passage "Autism." by Patricia Braus, as many as two-thirds of children with autistic symptoms are mentally deficient, but individuals with autism can be highly intelligent. Sometimes, individuals that carry Autism have the ability to retain phenomenal numbers of facts and information. An autistic
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