Autism Is Still Evolving And Becoming More Prevalent All Across The World

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Temple Grandin Research Paper
Josephine M. Heil
West Chester University
SWG 564

Autism has been around for more than 100 years. Autism is still evolving and becoming more prevalent all across the world. This paper will focus on a film about an autistic female and how she managed with her disorder. The primary focus of this paper is to give the reader a brief overview of the main character, Temple, and essential information regarding autism. Each diagnosis of autism is different based on the individual. Today, there are several controversies that are apparent in the autistic community. There is still substantial research that needs to occur for the comorbidity of the autism spectrum disorder. We pass by people
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The doctor diagnosed Temple with ‘infantile schizophrenia” which back in the 1940’s, identified as autism. He spoke to Temple’s mother about her daughters’ diagnosis, stating that she is this way because of a lack of affection Temple received as a baby. Temple’s mother disagreed and mentioned that Temple does not like hugs or being affectionate to anyone. The doctor indicates that Temple should be institutionalized, but her mother refused that as treatment. The majority of the movie is taken place on her college campus, Franklin Pierce College.
Temple was mistaken as being unintelligent and bizarre throughout college, but she proved her classmates and professors wrong. She explained to her professors how she was able to memorize quickly by only looking at a book or object. She is a visual learner, so when she sees pictures she can connect the pieces together. Temple spent multiple summers with her aunt who lived on a farm, where Temple was able to work on the ranch and do her own thing. Temple easily became fixated on a cattle crush, which is a device that “hugs” cows to soothe them. One day when Temple had a panic attack and pains from her colitis attacks, she placed herself in a cattle crush to calm herself down. Soon enough the cattle crush became an everyday task for Temple when she needed to be calm. Towards the
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