Autism Spectrum, Asperger, And Pervasive Development Disorder

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The autism spectrum consists of three main disorders, autism, Asperger 's, and pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS). One issue regarding disorders on the autism spectrum is the minimal research funding for them. While treatable diseases are heavily studied due to the search for a cure, the disorders on the autism spectrum cannot be treated. The complication of limited funding is that people are not dealing with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) correctly, which worsens the situation for affected people. Further financing is needed to educate people on how to handle and deal with disorders such as these. Individuals on the autism spectrum have to live with the disorder for the entirety of their lives, and when people are unsure of how to communicate or act in their presence, it can have a negative impact on those with ASD. The disorders on the autism spectrum are researched to a basic knowledge; however, there is a need for more research on the emotional, behavioral, and social aspects of the different disorders.
Autism is the most common disorder on the autism spectrum. One of the biggest factors of this disorder is that there is essentially no concrete way to treat it. People can only help to control the tendencies through therapy and accommodations. Certain aspects of the disorder are more defined because of available research than other aspects, causing a deficiency of information about the minor areas of autism. By researching on a deeper level,…
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