Autism Spectrum Disorder : A Lifelong Neurodevelopmental Mental Health Disorder Essay

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Autism spectrum disorder is a lifelong neurodevelopmental mental health disorder. Most autistic patients show some of the symptoms at a very early age. Around 1 in 68 children in the world are autistic and it is more frequent in males than females. ("Facts About ASDs", 2016) Those who have autism spectrum disorder mostly have restricted hobbies or activities, repetitive behaviours and lack of imagination; many of them have shown signs of low intelligence. Also, they do not understand social cues, sarcasm, others’ emotions, intentions and have difficulties in socializing and communicating. (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders IV, 2013) At present, there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder. However, due to the uniqueness of this illness, where the symptoms and severity of each patient can vary tremendously, treatments have to be tailored to the needs of each individual with care. There are now different kinds of methods strategically targeting different types of needs in order to lower the impact of symptoms and aid autistic individuals at different ages in adapting to the “outside world”. Interventions can differ in terms of involvement and commitment of parents and caregivers; cost of time (how many hours of training a week); the theoretical background; and some even require a change in patient 's’ dietary habits. (SEIDA et al., 2009) “Despite the different method of the interventions, it tend to incorporate a mix of behavioural, developmental, and
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