Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd )

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is defined as a lifelong developmental condition that affects, among other things, the way an individual relates to his or environment and their interaction with other people. The word ‘spectrum’ is the description of a range of difficulties that people with autism may experience and the degree to which they may be affected. Not everyone with autism have an accompanying learning disability and require continued specialist support because some people with autism may be able to live relatively normal lives. There are main areas of difficulty that are associated with autism people such as difficulty in social communication, social interaction and restricted or repetitive behaviours and interests, (2015). Statistics shows that approximately 1 percent of the world have autism spectrum disorder. According to Australian Bureau of statistics males were 4 times more likely than females to have the condition, with prevalence rates of 0.8% and 0.2% respectively There is an estimated 64600 people diagnosed with Autism in Australia and approximately 28 – 30000 are primary school aged. (, 2015).

There are four predominant theories as to the causes of Autism such as genetic factors, environmental factors, psychological factors and neurological factors.

It is known that genetic strongly influence the risk for developing ASD. Genetics alone do not account for all cases of autism. In two of the new…

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