Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd )

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There are a wide variety of symptoms that have been associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD, the name adopted in 2013) including, repetitive movements, emotional difficulties, sensory problems, etc. The exact cause of these symptoms is a widely debated topic. In this paper, I will discuss the overall prevalent causes for Autism as well as the different variations and subgroups. People are familiar with other disorders such as Down syndrome or Trisomy 21. These types of disorders are discussed frequently because of the knowledge and commonality of them. However, not everybody is familiar with a disorder such as Autism. This is due to the uncertainty of the cause of Autism and isn’t non life-threatening existence. The overall concept…show more content…
The Autistic person may have problems using social skills to connect with other people. He/she may seem to be in their own world. In an article by Melinda Smith in 1997, She discusses just a few early warning signs for early detection of Autism: • They may have trouble sharing a common focus with another person. • Understanding feelings as well as making and/or keeping friends may be a difficult obstacle for them. The Autistics may struggle in the arena of communication. This may include understanding, talking with others, reading or writing. Sometimes, they might lose words or other skills that they’ve used before. • Not following directions is a battle. • Understanding and using words or even having a simple conversation is a daily struggle for them. • They may also struggle with echolalia- repeating words just heard or words heard days or weeks earlier. • Using tantrums to tell you what he/she does or does not want is very common. The experts are still uncertain about what exactly causes Autism. There appear to be multiple causes rather than just one main cause. A variety of factors can result in this disability. These aspects may include environmental, biologic, and genetic factors. (Kaplan, 1996) Genes are believed to be a crucial component in the circumstance of Autism. In an article by Marina Sarris, an Autism researcher, this subject is explained in more detail. Twins are more likely to both be diagnosed with Autism rather than fraternal twins, who are
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