Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd )

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Autism is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and it’s a neurological disorder that affects children at an early age, even at 2 years old. The misconceptions and controversies about the illness have caused a lot of backlash and hate towards the healthcare industry, especially doctors. Over the years, many people have believed and still currently think that vaccinations cause Autism. However, many tests and reports have been analyzed and studied through numerous scientists and they have concluded that this simply isn’t the case and vaccinations do not cause Autism. And this is extremely imperative for parents to understand the misconceptions about the illness and report to health professionals with any questions and concerns.
First off, Autism has countless number of symptoms that occur at an early age and these include difficulty in socializing with peers, uninterested in conversations, difficulty in making eye contact, and focusing on random objects. In most autism cases, children do develop normally until the second or even third year of life, but then start to act completely different to social engagement (NIH, 2016). And most of these symptoms usually last all the way to adulthood. Moreover, in severe cases of ASD is the lack of communication, practicing and insisting on the same activities, and repetitive patterns of behavior affect the daily functioning of the individual (NIH, 2016). Therefore, diagnosing autism disorders solely off of these symptoms can be very

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