Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Autism )

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Abstract There is a lot to know about autism, but like any medical phenomenon there is still more to be learned and discovered. This paper incorporates the research of various studies in accordance to the distinguished disorder known as Autism. It is also referred to, interchangeably with classic autism as well as autism spectrum disorder. The title represents the paper’s goal in classifying autism as the word spectrum is used to classify something but it also shares the name with autism spectrum disorder. The intro also contains a short narrative of the author’s personal experience with a child who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. The various disorders that are divulged according to origin, diagnosis, symptoms, occurrence, and treatment in this paper are as follows: autism spectrum disorder, Asperger syndrome, pervasive development disorder, Rett syndrome, and child disintegrative disorder. Studies of stereotypes and talent assumed in the autism category are also considered. Keywords: autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Asperger syndrome (AS), pervasive development disorder (PDD), Rett syndrome (RTT), child disintegrative disorder (CDD) “There are about 2,000 instruments known to mankind, each grouped specifically based on structure. I can safely say that I can play at least 100 of these instruments today.” -From the mind of an autistic child He was a high school freshman that looked and seemed relatively normal- besides the fact that he carried his tuba

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