Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autistic spectrum disorder is caused not only by environmental factors but also by genetic inheritability. This disorder can range from mild to severe and is shown in many different forms. Symptoms include speech impairment, disorganized language; sensory processing disorder which causes absent responses, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and many more. Diagnosing autism does not include medical test but instead a team of physiologists and physicians observe the child during an autism-specific behavior evaluations and in some cases genetic testing is needed. The exact cause of autism is still unknown although there are many factors that play a role in it for example mother’s weight, teratogens and…show more content…
Asperger’s syndrome is one of the most common forms of autism and most children with this form are high functioning in specific areas as well as lack social skills and Theory of Mind. Parenting a child with autistic spectrum disorder is very difficult and this disorder affects the entire family. One example is sleep, children with this disorder don’t sleep soundly they can wake up through the night and wake up unusually early which will increase stress and fatigue in the parent. The parent will have to consistently cater to their child’s needs which can affect their personal relationships with friends and family. The more severe the child’s disorder is the more stressful it is for the parent. To overcome the negative aspects of raising such a child it is important that the parent focuses on the positive aspects, and appreciates the good qualities their child has to offer (Glazzard J. & Overall K. 2012; Gray, 2006). Parental and family involvement is considered an essential element of intervention programs for children with autism (Brentani, H., Silvestra de Paula, C., Bordini, D., Rolim, D., Sato, F., Portolese, J., & McCracken, J.T. 2013). AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER 4 A few cases of children with autism show symptoms in early infancy such as resisting to social contact and delayed emotional maturity. Their heads are large and parts of the brain are unusually sensitive to noise, light, and other sensations (Kathleen S. B.,

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