Autism Spectrum Disorder and its Causes Essay

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In 2000, one in every one hundred and fifty children was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Since then, there has been a drastic increase on the incidents of this disorder. In 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control, Autism spectrum disorder occurs in one out of eighty eight children. (CDC, 2013) That is a significant increase over a relatively short period of time. With such an increase, it is important to learn what autism spectrum disorder is and what might cause it.
Autism spectrum disorder is the term used for a group of disorders in brain development. It is a complex disorder and symptoms usually appear before the child is age five. It is called a spectrum disorder because each person is affected differently
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Although, most people with autism do develop language skills, they are generally not at a level of a typically developing person and the progress of their language development is usually slow and irregular. Another way communication is affected in people with autism spectrum disorder is the lack of nonverbal conversation skills. People who suffer from this disorder are unable to interpret nonverbal cues. The lack of this skill can make it more difficult for them to understand the full meaning of what the person is trying to convey. They might also be unable to use nonverbal gestures themselves. This can be very frustrating and can lead to misunderstandings of their true meanings. Without an appropriate way to get their feelings across, they may resort to screaming, and other misbehaviors. Another characteristic of autism spectrum disorder is communication difficulties. People with autism spectrum disorder often find it difficult to handle themselves socially. They can find it overwhelming to be in large groups of people. This can lead to inappropriate behavior and breakdowns. They can find it difficult to make small talk or to find an appropriate topic to talk about. Sometimes they may only talk about a topic they are interested in, leaving no room for any other conversation. Another example of communication difficulties common in autism spectrum disorder
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