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Children with Autism

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Effects of the Children

and their Family

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The topic that I have chosen to write about is Autism. Have you heard about it? I am sure you may know someone who suffers from this disease, but do you really know what it is, or its causes and effects? That is what I am going to explain to you. Autism is a disability that affect young children, and we need to understand the symptoms, treatments, and what it is like to live with this disorder.
The symptoms of Autism. The behavior of children with this disorder has a wide range from mild to severe in nature. What we need to know is that there are three major
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What researchers has discovered is the most effective approaches is to use highly structured environment with intensive single instruction and a high teacher to student ratio. To address specific deficits occupational and physical therapy should be used. The parents need to learn to give specific instruction in how to deal with tantrums and destructive behavior and in useful techniques for keeping their children organized and occupied so as minimize the detrimental effects on the family members.
The counseling and support for the parents with a child diagnosed with autism. What parents need to do is learn to be the best advocate that you can be for their child. You always need to be informed. Always take advantage of the services that are available to you in your community. By doing this your will meet with medical staffed professionals that can help educate you and there to help you. From doing this you will gather strength from the people you meet. Most of all do not push your feelings away. You need to talk about them to someone. Most parents may feel both ambivalent and angry. This is to be expected emotions from a parent. Always try to and direct your anger to the disorder and not toward your family or loved ones. Try not to argue with your spouse over the autism related issues,
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