Autism : The Rise Of Autism

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Autism awareness Parents try their best to keep their children from getting hurt or sick, but no matter how hard they try, sometimes something will always go wrong. We cannot avoid all uncertainties; Autism is among one of these uncertainties that parents try their best to avoid. According to the center for disease control One out of every one hundred and fifty children are born with autism each year in America, that is one percent of American children with autism, eighty percent of which are male and about forty to twenty percent of females (CDC). One point five million children have already been living with this diagnosis, of autism long before the media brought into public attention, so as the rise of autism increases it is also important that the knowledge of autism increase. The history of autism dates back to about one hundred years ago, the word autism was by Eugene bleuler in 1908 to describe a group of people similar to schizophrenia. Later in the 1940s the united states began to use it to describe a group of children with emotional and social problems. Autism and schizophrenia were regarded in the same context, till 1960 when medical professionals began to separate their understanding of autistic children. For a very long time autism and psychosis continued to be confused and till this day many parents find a hard time understanding the real meaning of autism and till this day researchers still haven’t found the cause of autism. Autism is a complexed
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