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Autism in The Rain Man The Rain Man is a story about the relationship between two brothers, one being Autistic. The story line follows the as they drive across the country and their interaction as the one brother (Charlie) tries to deal with being thrust into a twenty-four hour a day week long journey and his first exposure to someone with Autism, his brother Raymond. Charlie Babbot is a younger guy who is involved in some high-risk exotic car sales when he realizes that he might not be able to make his bank notes on time. Charlie's father dies and leaves him with a car and some roses, while some unnamed beneficiary receives the remaining three million dollars the estate is worth. Charlie finds out from the bank that the trustee…show more content…
So Charlie takes Raymond back to LA with him, on the way from Ohio to LA Charlie somehow changes his attitude towards his brother Raymond and in the end he wants to take care of him. At the end Charlie realizes that he can't care for Raymond because of his Autism, but he still cares deeply for Raymond and vows to visit often. The DSM-IV states that to be diagnosed with and Autistic disorder a person must have six of twelve listed traits coming from certain groups in the DSM. Raymond doesn't respond to social and emotional interaction and he can't use body language and such to help communicate in social situations. These two things fill the requirement for group one on page 136. Raymond also has an inability to start or hold conversations with meaningful content, he constantly uses repetitive phrases, he has an abnormal intense focus on reading and memorizing facts, an inflexibility to change his daily routine, repetitive body movements and a failure to develop relationships with those around him. The last six behaviors satisfy all of the requirements for the last two groups. The causation given is a birth condition, which is consistent with what the book says. The outcome is that Raymond will live with Autism the rest of his life, this is realistic because there is no cure for Autism and it is a lifelong condition. I don't think that any other character could be diagnosable, they seem to be normal. I do believe
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