Autism in Toddlers and Infants

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Autism in Toddlers and Infants Introduction What is Autism? Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD / autism) are a group of disorders referred to as "developmental disabilities" and the result for children afflicted with ASD is "significant social, communication and behavioral changes" (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC). In short, children with ASD simply deal with their brain's information in ways apart from others around them. The CDC information explains that autism can afflict a child in a very "mild" way or in a "sever" way as well. Many of the symptoms are typically shared by all children with autism, and among those shared symptoms having to do with social interaction; children with autism struggle to have normal social interaction with others. The differences in how autism manifests itself in a child and how it starts can be dramatic. This paper reviews the physical, social, and cognitive aspects of autism in children, and relates two developmental theories to the literature on autism. How do parents know their child may be autistic? The CDC explains that autism usually begins prior to age 3 and can be a life-long experience for an individual; that said, conditions will not necessarily be as severe later in life as they are in the child's early years. The difficulty for healthcare professionals has been detecting autism early enough in the child's life; autism can be detected during the first few months of a child's life but detecting it is key to
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