Essay on Autism: the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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Kimberly Tomczyk Professor Floerke English 100 7 October 2012 The Thoughts of Christopher Boone Many believe that those with autism do not have the capacity of developing moral agency without empathy. Kids at a young age are taught the lessons of good and bad of what other people see as good that impacts on them as they grow up. The same concept goes with Christopher in the novel of, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, that endorse the fact that he has autism is able to learn right and wrong without feelings. He is viewed as naïve, but gives that sense of innocence of nature through the way he portrays his thoughts to action. To fully understand Christopher on whether he has moral agency is better…show more content…
Kennett proves this by expressing that, "Without the capacity to catch moods and to find our responses changed in the light of the responses of others, perhaps we lack the very basis for moral concern, and so we shall fail to become moral agents" (Kennett 345). Christopher is able to identify the expressions of others to make his own decisions that displays his sense of possessing moral concern. The response that Christopher presents to his thoughts displays moral agency. Like any other child, many experience curiosity and inputs their actions that is the same for Christopher as he wants to investigate the dog's death, but his father has him promise not to. He believes that, "When someone gets murdered you have to find out who did it so that they can be punished" (Haddon 20). Christopher chooses to reason with his father's promise because he knows that it would be the right thing to do to search for the murderer. The way that Christopher reasons his promise are too literal and proves that not every kid can keep a promise; it is normal for one to find ways of making decisions. Before entering his father's room to find his book, he knows his dad would get angry if he messes with his stuff and resolves to placing things back to where they were as to not make him angry. He considers his actions as being wrong, but in the process finds letters from his mother and thought it appropriator to take a few because they were addressed for
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