Autistic Observation

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The writer is hoping to carry out an observation and engage with 3 children who have Autism and assess how they engage with iPads in the classroom compared to a lesson with no iPads. Thomas (2013) opinionated that “Observation is one of the most important ways of collecting data in social research.” During the observation the writer will be taking notes, taking pictures and perhaps even short videos. These will all help the writer when it comes to analysing it and to write the observation up. The writer intends to observe 3 Autistic children in a school setting. From this method of research, this will provide me with Qualitative data. According to Mason (2002),Qualitative data is focused on ‘methods of data generation which are flexible and sensitive to the social context in which data are produced’. The writer is hoping to observe a P3 child in a mainstream school,…show more content…
To collect data from teachers on their opinions of children with Autism using iPad in class.
b. To collect data from observing children in a lesson with iPads and without.
c. Make comparisons with the data collected, classify common themes and interpret the
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From carrying out such research there are many ethical issues that the writer must be aware of. The writer must store all the data in a password protected folder on the computer so that the data is kept secure and confidentially. The data that has been collected will only be used for the intended purpose and not used for anything else. With the data all being stored on the computer, the writer must take extra care as it can be lost very easily and will prove hard to retract. Once the final copy has been written all evidence of data must be destroyed. To ensure that schools can keep the school and participants anonymous, the schools and children’s names must not be used but can use a brief description of the school or the
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