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As a typical auto biography I will start out my stating that I was born in November 1984 just outside Fort Worth Texas. I was raised in the same area. As a child, I moved a lot, more than once every school year. We stayed within the same groups of independent school districts, and because of this I felt like I knew everyone everywhere after fourth grade. As a child moving didn’t really bother me, but as I grew older I started to crave stability.
We moved three times my freshman year, and I realized that if this constant moving continued I wouldn’t graduate high school. The next year when I was almost 17 years old I moved out on my own. I did this to gain stability. It was a good choice. After moving out I continued to go to my same high school
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I will tell you in 2007 life was starting to settle, and the things I wanted were becoming clearer. With that being said, I won’t give my husband credit for everything changing, but the last 9 years have been as normal and as good, as anyone could hope for.
I married and had two children. I worked for a well-known corporate company, where I did very well earning the position of supervisor. Shortly after the birth of my second child, my husband’s job was relocated to east Texas where he is actually from. I took that opportunity to stay home with my son. When my son was around 18 months old I gave into my dream of going back to school. College was one of the greatest challenges I had ever faced, because I was terrified to fail, and in turn fail myself. I did what I always do though. I dig in my heels. I was dedicated. I finished my AAS degree in paralegal studies and received high honors, and an award for most outstanding paralegal, and best public speaker.
I then started my journey at the University of Texas at Tyler. I completed a full semester on campus every day. My plans changed a bit when I was offered a job by referral as a court clerk in a district court. I decided to take the full time position, but I vowed that my bachelor’s degree would remain my top
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