Auto Industry : The United States

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The auto industry has many challenges within the United States. As the market minimizes it becomes increasingly difficult for auto manufacturers to circumvent the economic downfall of the market. Newer technologies threaten the industry as consumers demand better fuel efficiency and are becoming more environmentally conscientious. With the ever involving consumer auto makers must drive sales in a creative manner than benefits all. The automotive industry had an extreme impact with the U.S. economy. It was shown that the overall sales topped 375 billion dollars. That 's not to mention that " each worker in the auto industry creates 7 jobs in another industry" (Automotive Industry Analysis, 2004). Automotive manufacturing was a significant driver to the economic growth of the United States. The industry accounted for 3.7% of the nation 's gross domestic product. Not only did economic stability have an effect when the auto industry was alive in the U.S, but technology was becoming more prevalent. Since the internet came into fruition it is common sense that everyone goes online to check out any information they want. With this technology potential consumers can navigate to any automotive dealers website and browse the available cars to get a better understanding of what they 're looking for. "88% of consumers went to a website before going to the dealership to test drive a car" (Automotive Industry Analysis, 2004). Since the need to go to the dealer has
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