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Auto Repair Shops Lewisville, TX Your automobile is comprised of a large number of components, and many of them are interrelated in the performance, safety and function of the vehicle. While it requires the whole to provide these and transportation, some components are especially essential in ensuring your safety. Maintenance is also important for your safety, and the vehicle's reliability. If any systems should be a priority in terms of your safety, most people would agree it's the brakes, followed closely by the steering, and the suspension. Not only do your brakes provide routine controlled stops, you also rely on them when the unexpected occurs, such as the driver who pulls out in front of you, or cuts you off. Providing your car with…show more content…
Vibrating Brake Pedal Feeling vibration when you engage the brake pedal may indicate warped rotors. When you step on the brakes, the pads engage with the rotor, slowing the vehicle to a stop. Warped rotors provide less surface for the pads to engage, weakening brake performance, and creating vibration. Brake Fluid Leak Low levels of brake fluid in the master cylinder, and especially if you notice brake fluid on a tire or collecting near it indicate a brake fluid leak. Leaking brake fluid will eave you without brakes, and you shouldn't drive your car. Be safe and call for a tow to the garage. Power Steering Power steering makes turning at slow speeds easy, an admirable accomplishment if you have ever driven a vehicle with standard steering. However, when power steering experiences an issue and goes out, steering is even more difficult than standard steering. The following are indicators of power steering issues, and warrant a trip to the garage for repair. Noise A whining noise, or squealing when you turn the steering wheel may indicate low power steering fluid. Check the reservoir and if ample fluid is present, the power steering pump may have failed. Squeals can also indicate a loose and/or worn belt. Bring your car in to our Difficulty Turning Low fluid can also cause steering to require monumental effort. A low fluid level indicates there is a leak in the system. Schedule service in Fifth Gear auto repair shops in
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