Auto Workers At Fiat Chrysler

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Auto workers at Fiat Chrysler are in an uproar over changes in job assignments at the auto plants. Many feel Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is looking to eradicate the skilled trade jobs by reassigning so-called minor tasks to production workers (Jones, 2016). Tasks such as fault resets and electrical cable replacement, now done by skilled tradesmen, would become the responsibility of workers who are not sufficiently prepared for such work and often for only little additional pay. Auto workers feel that the United Auto Workers (UAW) union is working with the FCA to implement concessions contracts over workers’ protests. Though sales figures have been down in the auto industry, with many companies reporting declines, FCA has shown an increase with Jeep up almost 3% and Maserati revenue up 69% (FCA). The FCA has released a statement that passenger cars would no longer be produced in the United States, though it plans to continue to produce larger vehicles like trucks, leaving many workers worried over job prospects in the future. So far, 1300 auto workers at a plant in Michigan have already been laid off in July 2015.
The auto workers feel beset on all sides, the union meant to assist them appears to them to be aiding and abetting the FCA. Many felt that the UAW used coercion and fabrications to drive through a contract in October 2015 after auto workers had overwhelmingly rejected the previously similarly proposed contract (Feeley, 2015). Workers no longer feel that their…
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