Autobilography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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By Zlatan Ibrahimovic as told to David Lagercrantz

This book is dedicated to my family and friends, to those who have stood by my side, on good days and bad. I also want to dedicate it to all the kids out there, those who feel different and don 't fit in.
Those who are seen for the wrong reasons. It 's OK to be different. Continue being yourself. It worked out for me.



Pep Guardiola, the coach in Barcelona, with his grey suits and troubled face, came up to me looking concerned. I thought he was all right at that time, certainly not a Mourinho or
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It was the most stupid decision of my entire life. I was still killing on the field. But it wasn 't as fun anymore.
I even thought about quitting football. Not that I would break my contract, I 'm a professional. But I lost the fun. And then came Christmas break. We went to Åre and I rented a snowmobile. Whenever life stands still, I want action. I always drive like a maniac. I 've gone 325 km/hr in my Porsche Turbo, leaving chasing cops behind. I 've done so many fucked up things I barely want to think about them. And now in the mountains I was giving it my all on the snowmobile, got freeze burns and had the time of my life.
Finally some adrenaline! Finally the old, the real Zlatan, and I were thinking to myself: Why am I doing this? I have money. I don 't have to feel shit with idiot coaches. I can have fun instead and take care of my family. It was a great time, but it didn 't last long. When we returned to Spain disaster struck. Not immediately, but slowly. Disaster was in the air.
A light snowfall came. It was like the Spaniards had never seen snow before, and in our hood, in the hills above Barcelona, cars were smashing to the left and right, and Mino, the fat idiot - the wonderful fat idiot I should add if anyone would misunderstand me - froze like a dog in his summer shoes and light jacket and convinced me to take the Audi. It almost ended in disaster. On a downhill street we lost control of the car and smashed into a
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